Mobile X-Ray Services

Viztek’s ViZion DR + wireless panel provides exceptional image quality paired with advanced software features and functionality. The versatile ViZion DR + wireless panel utilizes the ViZion Acquire software for image capture, manipulation, and sending. Viztek’s

acquire software offers useful tools to enhance the image acquisition process.

X-rays are a form of electromagnetic radiation and are the most common ordered diagnostic imaging.  They are often used as the initial imaging modality and are often the only imaging required for diagnosis for many diseases.

We are able to save Skilled Nursing Facilities money with our Rapid Services, allowing many patients who would otherwise be hospitalized to remain at the SNF.

Portable Ultrasound Services

Roadrunner only uses state-of-the-art technology.  We use Sonoscape machines.  Sonoscape’s have won numerous awards for there innovations with portable ultrasound systems.

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Abdominal x-ray

X-ray to diagnose pain in the abdomen or unexplained nausea, identify suspected problems in the urinary system such as a kidney stone or blockage in the intestine or locate an object that has been swallowed.

Bone x-ray

X-ray identify tumors, degenerative conditions of the bone or fractures.

Chest x-ray

X-ray of the chest, lungs, heart, large arteries, ribs and diaphragm.  Chest x-ray may be ordered for symptoms such as a persistent cough, chest injury, chest pain, coughing up blood or difficulty breathing.

Joint x-ray

X-ray of knee, shoulder, hip, wrist or ankle to investigate arthritis.

Lumboscral spine x-ray

Evaluates back injuries and persistent numbness, low back pain or weakness caused by bone spurs, deformities in the curvature of the spine and disk problems such as herniated disk or dislocations.

Cervical spine x-ray

Evaluates neck injuries and persistent numbness, pain or weakness.  The test will detect abnormalities such as fractures, dislocations, osteporosis and deformities in the curvature of the spine.  The test may also detect bone spurs, disk problems and degeneration of the vertebrae.